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Catering ideas for a costume party

There are tons of catering ideas for a costume party. You could look them up online or get ideas from pictures. Today we are here to show you a few ideas that are fairly popular among costume parties. If you don’t know how to integrate food into a costume party, we will help you! All you need to do is put your imagination to work.


Ever want to decorate your food? We bet you did as a kid. You can especially do this now! Those cupcakes sitting in the kitchen can be decorated with paper dresses as a Disney princess theme. This is a fun way to mix food with the costume party.


Another great idea would be to award chocolate treats to those who have the best costumes. Have your caterers make a large batch of brownies and have at least 5 out of ten winners. You’ll see people grinning from ear to ear after they learn that they have won a brownie – especially the kids.


Have you ever thought about asking your caterer to come up with ideas? They’ve been working in this business for a long time and they probably have tons of ideas for you to work from.


You could also come up with an extravagant food statue. The only hard part is making it, but that’s what you hired the caterers for. Many caterers are skilled in building food statues and can work with pretty much any kind of food. This is what makes them so special. Having a professional prepare all the food at your party is one of the best ideas ever.


Last but not least – how about creating a bucket with apples? Bobbing for apples is still a very popular game and many people will be laughing at their kids. Also, the adults can join in this game too.